How do you think you’re doing as a parent?

At some point we’ve all asked this question…”How am I really doing as a parent”? In this video from Minute Maid, parents are asked to be honest on how they think they are doing as parents.  Next their kids are asked to grade their parents on the same topic.  The results may surprise you!  Check […]

Disney’s “Monkey Kingdom” *Movie Review

For those of you with children under 12, Disney’s Monkey Kingdom is a great family movie. I think I’ve taken my kids to see the last 3-4 of these animal themed movies and they never disappoint. We’ve listed a brief description below and a video of the trailer. You’ll get some great laughs out of […]

Lessons Learned From Cracker Barrel

Now before I get into what I learned from Cracker Barrel as it relates to DadLife let me first start off by saying that other takeaways are… Pancakes are great It is possible to OVEREAT When visiting Cracker Barrel…sweat pants are your friend Now back to DadLife. The last few times we’ve been there as […]

This is the DadLife

Wow…our first blog post!  What started off as something we would post on social media (#DadLife) has grown into something we could have never imagined.  Within a span of a little less than a year we’ve progressed from a hashtag, to social media pages, to a blog, a website, and now a clothing line exclusively for guys who proudly wear the title of “Dad”. […]