30 Days of Dads – Challenge 11

Today’s ‪#‎30DaysOfDads‬ challenge…do something with your kids that THEY are in to. Whether it be Legos, sports, playstations, or 1 Direction…the key is to let your kids know that you care about the things they care about! This is the ‪#‎DadLife‬

30 Days of Dads – Challenge 10

Hey guys…on today’s challenge, talk to your kids about something from your childhood.  Watch this video for more info!  

30 Days of Dads – Challenge 8

“Talk To Your Kids About Serving Others” Hey guys…for this challenge, find something to talk to your kids about that shows them the importance of serving other people. Whether it’s letting them see you buy someone’s coffee, hold open a door or volunteer at a non-profit, just make the effort to show them to see […]

30 Days of Dads – Challenge 7

“Read a good book with your kids” ‪#30DaysOfDads If you’re just joining us, you can catch up on previous challenges by looking at our past posts. The point is that you find things to go with your kids to help build a better relationship with them. Just jump in where you can…this is the ‪#DadLife!

30 Days of Dads – Challenge 6

Today’s #30DaysOfDads Challenge – Help Your Kids With Their Homework Homework can be fun, challenging, frustrating and a combination of all three. If you’re kids are old enough to be in school, take some time to do homework with them and be intentional on getting involved in their world. Ask questions about how they like school, their […]

30 Days of Dads – Challenge 5

Hey guys…this is one of the best challenges in the #30DaysOfDads – Find another Dad that you look up to and ask them to give you one piece of advice on becoming a better Father.  Check out our video below… Be sure to let us know what advice he gives you.  We only get better […]

30 Days of Dads – Challenge 2

Hey guys…who’s up for Challenge 2? What better way to start the weekend than a crazy dance off with your kids! Check out some of these examples below. Got an original one to show us? Send us your YouTube link by email to dadlifebrand@gmail.com, post it in the comments below or tag us on social […]