7 Things To Do With Your Kids This Weekend



We’re headed into the weekend and you’ve got nothing really special planned? You want to do something great with the little ones (if you have older kids, chances are they’ve already made plans…sorry) but not sure what to do? We’ve compiled a quick list below to help jumpstart your creativity…

Random sports activities – grab a basketball and head to the local gym. Most elementary schools have outdoor courts that are wide open. Kick around a soccer ball or head out to a batting cage

Miniature golf – this can be advanced as a large “theme park styled” outdoor venue with Lions, Tigers and Bears oh my or another close runner up is glow in the dark mini golf. Just type something like that in Google and see what’s available in your area. A lot of malls are carrying it and kids LOVE it

Things to do in… – yep it sounds simple but if you just Google “Things to do in…” and enter your city a whole world will open up from Trip Advisor to the Convention and Visitors Bureau. AND if you type in FREE THINGS to do the mother load of FREE STUFF will open up right before your very eyes

Something memorable – Now I know most of us are thinking about FUN things to do but perhaps you’re looking into trying to teach the kiddos a memorable lesson. Depending on their age and your comfort level, maybe you schedule a trip to an assisted living facility or food bank. The key here is to find something that teaches your children the value of giving back and being kind to others. Trust me THEY WILL REMEMBER

Just go get some pizza – I recently took my son to one of my favorite spots. One of those places where it was a best kept secret to only me. I tried to show him why the sauce was superior, the crust superb and that the finest blend of three cheeses had been applied. After my tutorial he looked at me and said “Dad, this is really cool…and I love it…but Cici’s is better!” Though we may disagree with that we had a great time and in the end I learned that you can never compete with ALL YOU CAN EAT!

Matching hats – You can do this with both boys and girls (depending on their mother’s permission…lol). From time to time me and my son will just go buy a matching hat set of our favorite team (Go Cowboys). He’s 6 so the hats are a little cheaper (YES!) and he thinks it’s the coolest thing that we’re wearing the same team. This also gives you much more things in common in the future too…and what better way to indoctrinate your child into the ways of your favorite team than a matching hat with you.

Something unexpected – Do something out of the ordinary. Get ice cream at 9 in the morning, or breakfast at 2 in the afternoon. Make it fun and let them know this is something special and secretive just for them. On days I do this and my wife isn’t around I make the kids promise to never tell her. They ALMOST always do and it’s a lot of fun acting like you got busted

There are literally hundreds of things you can do to create a memory with your kids. No matter what you do, take time to tell your kids you love them and you’re proud of them. They’ll remember that just as equally as much. Got some other tips to share with other Dad Life’ers, let us know in the comment section. Unfortunately most of us didn’t get a user manual when becoming a Dad so we’ll only really learn when we hear from each other!

Go get em! This is the #DadLife!

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