Feel The Burn



First off…this is not about fitness.  I’ve had 2 Twinkies while writing this just to make sure.

My son came up to me this evening and said “Dad, I’m going to let you rest tonight because I know you’ve done SOOO MUCH for me today…you’re the best Dad ever”.  I was kind of taken back by his comment.  Although I had done quite a bit today it really didn’t dawn on me that he would notice.

It started off as a normal day off for me full of plans, errands and personal to-do lists.  I forgot however, that I had also volunteered to chaperone my son Ryan’s field trip.  Let’s just say from that field trip it turned into a full day of lunch runs, picking up from school, tutoring and taking my kids swimming.  All things I hadn’t planned on doing.

It was one of those days where I literally had a hundred things to do but got none of them done because I wanted to make sure I went the extra mile for my kids.  Although my to-do list just got bigger for tomorrow the great news is that I created some memories for my kids that will hopefully last a while with them.  When my son ran up to hug me today at his field trip I knew it was all worth it.  When he gave me the free pass to rest tonight it was just the icing on the cake.

Just wanted to encourage you today to keep stretching yourself as a father even when it’s not convenient to do so.  You may not think that they notice but trust me they do!  They know you’re busy, and they know when you place a priority on them.  So get out there and stretch those Dad muscles every day.  Feel the DadLife burn.  Kick regret out of your life and give it your all for them.  You’ll be glad you did!

I’m sure I’ll be having nightmares of 50 screaming Kindergartners tonight but this is the #DadLife!


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