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Wow…our first blog post!  What started off as something we would post on social media (#DadLife) has grown into something we could have never imagined.  Within a span of a little less than a year we’ve progressed from a hashtag, to social media pages, to a blog, a website, and now a clothing line exclusively for guys who proudly wear the title of “Dad”.

But what is “DadLife”?  Trust us we’ve had several conversations trying to determine that exact same thing.  We knew when we first started developing the idea of an “All Things Dad” hub that one of the main ideas we wanted to promote was that there were lots of great Dads out there.  Guys who were doing the very best they could to be there for their families.  That idea will always be a key characteristic of who we are at the core.  But what else is there?  What else defines “DadLife”?

We debated if we should be more serious than funny or more funny than serious? Are we going after a certain type of Dad or can we appeal to a wide array of Dads? Is being a Dad more about celebrating the times we get it right or focusing on what to do when we get it wrong.  Should our emphasis be on just the fun times you have with your kids or do we talk about effective ways to challenge and correct them.

At the end of it all, after all the conversations and thoughts about what is the DadLife, we simply came to the conclusion that really ALL of it is part of being a Dad.  The times you nearly burn the house down from trying to use a stove to the times you give Chef Gordon Ramsey a run for his money.  When you totally nail giving advice to your 14 year old daughter after a break up and when you have to apologize to your 8 year old for losing your temper.  The sleepless nights with a newborn, first soccer goal scored, juice boxes, first crushes, watching them grow up and wondering where all the time has gone.  THIS IS THE DADLIFE!

We hope that in the coming weeks our posts will give you some encouragement, make you laugh, perhaps cry (manly cry of course), and most importantly reinforce how important you are to the lives of your kids.  No matter if you are a bearded, tattooed, athletic or reserved Dad, the common denominator we all share is that at the end of the day we’re PROUD to be Dads!

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