The Best Night I Accidentally Had

Hello DadLife’ers. I stumbled onto something last night with my daughter and thought it might help. It’s one of those “aha” moments that I wish I had been doing for a long time but nevertheless, I’m glad I found out when I did. My family tends to do everything TOGETHER. We’re just tight like that. […]

Adam LaRoche quits Major League Baseball for the #DadLife

Way to go Adam LaRoche! This is the #DadLife Story courtesy of CBS News – Adam LaRoche loves baseball, but he says he loves his son more. The 36-year-old abruptly walked away from a $13 million contract with the Chicago White Sox Tuesday after Executive Vice President Ken Williams asked him to limit his son’s […]

Little Leaguer Stops Baseball Game To Tell Dad, ‘I Love You’

This young baseball player didn’t care that he was in the middle of a game, rounding the bases — he had something more important to do. In the clip, courtesy of America’s Funniest Home Videos, the little leaguer stopped at first base to tell his dad, who is the first base coach, “hey, I like […]

Dad Transforms His New Mustang into ‘Lightning McQueen’ for His Son

Dad Brett Winek of Tennessee had his new Mustang transformed into Cars star Lightning McQueen for his son, who adores the character. (Photo: Brett Winek/Facebook) A single dad in Tennessee has gone the extra mile to bring joy to his 3-year-old son — by transforming his new, bright-red Mustang into a life-size Lightning McQueen, the Pixar-animated […]

30 Days of Dads – Challenge 29

Today’s ‪#‎30DaysofDads‬ Challenge…treat your spouse of significant other the way you would want your kids treated by theirs. Set the tone…be an example to your kids through your actions!

30 Days Of Dads – Challenge 28

In light of the recent tragedy in Charleston, SC we’re submitting a new ‪#‎30DaysOfDads‬ Challenge today. “Talk to your children about race”. This is one of the most important topics we’ve ever covered and something we are passionate about with our kids. Racism is a LEARNED behavior…not something we are born with. Let’s commit as […]

30 Days of Dads – Challenge 27

Today’s #30DaysofDads Challenge…be aware and intentional about what you say and how you act in front of your kids.  If you get the feeling that somebody’s always watching you…they are!  Go get em…this is the #DadLife!

30 Days of Dads – Challenge 26

Today’s #30DaysOfDads Challenge…talk to your kids about setting goals.  No matter what age your children are there’s never a bad time to talk about goal setting.  Whether it’s planning for college, mapping out things they want to accomplish over the Summer break or Potty Training LOL…have a conversation about some realistic goals your kids want […]

30 Days of Dads – Challenge 25

Today’s #30DaysOfDads Challenge…leave work at work!  We know most of you have had hard days in the trenches of work today.  Before you walk through your door, take a deep breath and leave work where it belongs…at work.  Try focusing on your kids, their day, their needs.  If it were easy, everyone would be doing […]

30 Days of Dads – Challenge 24

Today’s #30DaysOfDadsChallenge…work on your “taking a nap” skills!  Hey…we know you’ve put in a lot of work this week.  You deserve it…take a nap!  Make it #EPIC…this is the #DadLife